Hoekstra Management Support helps companies implement improvements to their business processes. Hoekstra Management Support is specialised in food industry and the support is offered from the first idea up to final implementation.

In general there is a wide range of techniques (tools) available for businesses to improve processes. The list of techniques includes, but is not limited to: Pareto, Multi Moment Analysis MMA, TOC, SMED, SPC, TQM, EFQM, INK, 5S, Six Sigma, Lean, JIT, OEE, Deming PDCA, SIC, Business Balanced Scorecard, etcetera.

Cloud with tools before the Sun

Usually only a limited choice of these techniques (Pareto 80-20 rule) is necessary to reach major, breakthrough process improvements.
But more important,

… continuous improvement has to fit in the organisation to make improvements sustain in the long-term. Eliminating losses and concentrating on value-adding activities is the main focus and needs to become part of the corporate culture.